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How to Combine Two Interior Design Ideas Into One

posted on April 19, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Combine Two Interior Design Ideas Into One

interior design ideasWhen it comes to interior design, my dream apartment is a combination of beach bungalow and rustic log cabin. Sounds impossible, I know. But I love all of the whites and airy touches of a beach-bum aesthetic, and the unique prints and raw textures of a mountain lodge look. So why not combine my two loves into one? When I came across this gorgeous home on Refinery29, I finally had proof that my unlikely style duo can work. I love the coziness of the puffy white comforter and couches of this home. I think the touches of bright color and southwestern prints bring the place to life and somehow make the space more cozy, since all white can often look sterile. I scoured the internets (yes, plural) to find affordable pieces to achieve this look, and I gotta say, I was quite successful. Take a look below at these interior design ideas:

interior design ideas

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