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How to Have a Really Good Morning

posted on August 6, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Have a Really Good Morning

I am not a morning person, and my assumption is, most of you aren’t either. I have a tendency to snooze for an entire hour (that means I somehow manage to hit snooze on my alarm every 10 minutes over a 1 hour period…think about that folks), and I honestly just love sleep. Although a lot of people recommend waking up earlier and giving yourself more time to sit and eat a real breakfast or workout, realistically I know that’s just not going to happen for me. Even if I decide I’m really going to do it the night before, the second my alarm goes off that morning, all bets are off.

But there are certain things, small things, that can really make mornings so much better. Try these simple tricks and see if they help you have a good morning and truly start your day in a positive way:

1. Wake up to a different song everyday.

I’ve found that waking up to a happy song, rather than an annoying beeping alarm, makes me much happier. I’ve also noticed that I can’t wake up to the same thing everyday or whatever noise it is just starts to make me angry. Switching up your alarm can really help you have a good morning.

2. Set your coffee maker for the night before.

The smell of fresh, hot coffee is one of the most comforting things in the world. Waking up to that smell is so soothing and just makes your morning better. Plus, even if you wait to eat breakfast when you get to work, sipping some hot coffee as you get ready is a nice way to wake up. (It also saves money compared to your daily Starbucks run!)

3. Create a morning playlist.

When you roll over in the morning to snooze turn off your alarm, try putting on a happy yet relaxing playlist to set the tone for your day. Music really is a mood changer, so starting off your day with something that makes you happy can really make a difference. Plus, a little spontaneous dance party never hurt anyone.

4. Have fun with your outfit and beauty routine.

Putting effort into picking out your outfit and beauty routine can make mornings more exciting. Fashion is fun and so is putting on your makeup and doing your hair, so taking some time to enjoy it can make your mornings that much better. And you’ll look good all day which can certainly put you in a good mood.

5. Make your bed.

It may sound silly, but I’ve found that leaving your apartment when it’s neat and put together (or at least more put together than its usual disheveled self), can make you feel better about yourself and your life. Just the simple act of making your bed can leave a smile on your face, which is always the best way to leave the house in the morning.

What’s your morning routine?

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