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How to Make Laundry A Lot Less Annoying

posted on November 9, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Make Laundry A Lot Less Annoying


There’s something about doing laundry that seriously sucks. It feels like it takes forever, and lugging your clothes from place to place is not the most enjoyable thing in the world. But since there’s no avoiding it, I thought I’d look into some ways to help make it a lot less annoying, and I think you’ll be surprised how much these tips will help!

You Need This Laundry Bag

As an apartment-dweller in a big city, I lack the luxury of doing my laundry in my own apartment. My options are taking it downstairs to the shared laundry room, or bringing it to a nearby laundromat. Both entail a lot of lugging around. Walking down the street with a hamper in tow is not ideal, so I’ve been looking for a solution that makes sense. And then I discovered ChipmunkBags.

It makes total sense for your laundry bag to be a backpack and I have no idea why no one’s been able to do it this well — it’s brilliant! It’s SO much easier to carry, it’s much more durable than other laundry bags, and it’s not ugly. In fact, it really fits my style. I even use mine to go hiking or to carry all my clothes & props for photoshoots! I also love how it comes shipped to you. The box is nice & small, and they even include free samples of all-natural laundry detergent and dryer sheets. This thing has seriously changed my perspective on laundry — you have to try it!


Time It Right

I truly hate being inefficient with my time, which is why doing laundry can be so inconvenient. When I’m able to time it right so that it fits into my schedule, it becomes much less annoying. If you live in a city and feel like you’re constantly running up and down the stairs in your apartment building, this might save you some time. I tend to do my laundry on a day I’m doing other errands. So when I’m heading out, I can drop off a load, and then I can switch it to the dryer on my way back in. I’ll head out again, maybe to walk the dog, and pick it up on my way back in. Trust me, it’s better than staring at the machine, waiting around for the cycle to end!


Fold First

I’m sure your mom has told you this, and she’s right. Always fold your laundry right when it comes out of the dryer. Yes, it helps prevent wrinkles, but most importantly, it makes it so much easier to put away. I recommend folding it into piles based on where they go in your closet/dresser. That way, once you get home, you can transfer your clothes right from the bag and you’re done.

How do you make laundry less annoying??

// Thank you to my friends at ChipmunkBags for sponsoring this post and for making laundry less of a pain in the a$$!