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Morning Gloryville San Francisco

posted on October 16, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

Morning Gloryville San Francisco

This past Wednesday morning was like no other morning I’ve ever experienced. I teamed up with St. Ives to attend my first ever Morning Gloryville to help de-dullify my morning routine. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Morning Gloryville is basically a new craze aiming to start your mornings with a bang. Starting at 6:30am they’ve got everything from yoga to massages and even a dance floor, blasting upbeat music to put you in the right mood to start your day.

For a relaxing break from the madness, St. Ives provided a refresh station and a hydration station so people could smooth on their natural moisturizers and hydrate with fruit-flavored water inspired by their ingredients. The whole concept was really a brilliant idea, so I’m excited to get to share with you a few photos I snapped from the event below!

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