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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

posted on May 4, 2016 | by Amanda Holstein

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

I’m lucky to say that I have an extremely close relationship with my mom. I seriously don’t know what I would do without her. She is such an incredibly strong, intelligent, caring, hilarious, and insightful human being that I learn so much from every single day.

Something you may not know about my family is that both of my parents worked when I was growing up. But because my brother (when he was only 2 years old) made my mom feel guilty for leaving the house everyday, my mom decided to start a business of her own — as a marketing consultant. It’s funny to see how I’m quickly following in her footsteps with my own business — running this blog and consulting with brands on influencer marketing. So when people tell me I’m turning into my mom, I take it as a huge compliment :). Watching my mom balance a business while raising three kids has certainly stuck with me, and I admire her strength and ability to handle just about anything. Love you, mama!

So make sure to thank your wonderful mama for everything she’s done for you — whether with words, with actions, or with one of these Mother’s Day gift ideas!