My Boyfriend Tried My Self-Care Routine for a Day

posted on August 8, 2019 | by Amanda Holstein

My Boyfriend Tried My Self-Care Routine for a Day

Does your boyfriend have a self-care routine? (And deodorant instead of a shower doesn’t count.) Does he take care of his skin, his body, his mind? My guess is not very well, if at all. When I learned my boyfriend was still using a drugstore cleanser made for teens and had never moisturized his face in his life, I wasn’t exactly surprised, but I did feel it was my duty to step in. That’s what girlfriends are for, right? Forcing them to wear face masks and express their feelings? ;) Now he’s using a cleanser meant for his oily skin as well as a high-quality moisturizer. And honestly, his skin has never looked better! (It’s frustrating — why is it so easy for guys??).

But moisturizer is just the first step. It’s time we show them the ropes when it comes to self-care. And what better way to learn than to experience it for themselves? So when Manscaped reached out to partner together, I thought now would be the perfect time to give this little experiment a try! I absolutely love how ballsy (pun intended) this brand is. They provide men with products to clean areas we don’t always feel comfortable talking about. Self-care for men is what they’re all about. Keep reading to see how the experiment went!

manscaped men's grooming self-care products

Morning Routine

I typically shower at night because the aftermath takes so long (my ladies know what I’m talking about), but Jacob showers in the morning. So I let him do his thing but added in a few of my steps. While he’d normally take a 3-minute shower, I showed him how to really milk it. Long showers are THE BEST. They’re one of my favorite ways to get some me-time and pamper myself a little bit.

I thought this would be a great time to add in his manscaping routine. That way, he’d be forced to take his time in the shower and really focus on him. Plus, since he doesn’t get to enjoy that time we get doing our makeup in the morning, I thought this would be a great substitute. They both make us feel confident, right? In fact, that turned out to be truer than I had expected. He said using the Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 Electric Trimmer, the Crop Cleanser, and the Crop Preserver all made him feel less self-conscious about that itch & odor dudes get. (He even said taming that hair down there made it look bigger!). You’re welcome, honey! The Crop Cleanser was one of his favorites because it’s one product for everything — hair & body. And the Crop Preserver was like “deodorant for his nuts”, as he so eloquently put it. Whatever works, man.

manscaped men's grooming self-care productsmanscaped men's grooming self-care productsmanscaped men's grooming self-care products

Next, I made him spend a little more time on his skin & hair routine than he’s used to. I had him use my special hair towel that dries your hair super quickly. I mean, look how cute he looks? He also took a page from my book and applied his skin products while he waited for his hair to dry. We added in a few more products as well, like a serum and sunscreen. Next, I felt like he needed to understand the torment of blow-drying your hair, so he gave that a try before adding in some hair product & styling. You guys, he got so into this part. I didn’t quite realize how new of an experience this was for him!

manscaped men's grooming self-care products men's grooming self-care hair dryer

Night Routine

As you ladies know, getting for bed is a process. We have to remove our makeup, then wash our face, then add a million products let alone take some time to turn inwards and self-reflect. For Jacob, I wanted him to experience the luxury of a bath. (Though he didn’t let me photograph him for this part!). A bath is my ultimate winding down routine. We went all out — bubbles, bath salts, candles, and even a face mask. And what is a bath without a Brené Brown book?? Now he could truly experience what a self-care routine feels like — for your body, mind, and soul. After that, it was time for more skincare — a night serum, eye cream, and an overnight moisture mask. Then finally he was allowed to go to bed.

So, what did he learn from this whole experiment? A few things, actually. He got the gist as to why it takes us so long to get ready. He was a bit dumbfounded as to how many steps we spend on doing our hair and applying skincare products. What he did enjoy was the long morning shower. Taking that time to himself and using the Manscaped products for a little pampering gave him a little boost to start his day. He also loved the nightly facemask! He kept going on about how good his skin felt afterward :).

manscaped men's grooming self-care products face mask skincare

Would you ever try this with your man? I’d love to know what your man’s routine looks like!