The Only Milkmaid Braid Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

posted on May 18, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

The Only Milkmaid Braid Tutorial You’ll Ever Need


The milkmaid braid literally fits my style perfectly. So when I couldn’t quite master it, I was seriously frustrated. Either my hair wasn’t quite long enough, the braids looked too thin, or the bobby pins were never in the right place. When my hair was a tad too short, I created a “faux” milkmaid braid, but that just didn’t have the same effect. So now that my hair has finally reached the right length, I’ve been doing some practicing. I’ve discovered a few secrets to mastering the milkmaid braid and of course I’m going to share them with you in this simple step-by-step tutorial

First, you need the right tools. Make sure your hair hasn’t recently been washed. You want texture so that it holds. If your hair is super silky and seems to fall out of a braid easily, apply some texturizing spray. Then make sure you have 6 bobby pins (similar to your hair color) and 2 clear elastics. Now follow these steps:


Was that easy enough to follow? If you still need help, don’t worry. I’ve created this little chart to show you where to place the bobby pins and in what order. Start at the base of the first braid. Loop the bobby pin in the middle of the braid (rather than around the entire thing), and slide the pin towards the back of your head. Then add a pin a few inches up, and a third at the end of the braid (on the other side of your head). As you repeat on the other side, make sure to tuck the ends of the braids underneath before you pin.


Here is the final result!


Let me know if you need more help by leaving a comment below!