How I Got Myself to Enjoy Working Out Again

posted on January 24, 2017 | by Amanda Holstein

How I Got Myself to Enjoy Working Out Again

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As a former athlete, finding a workout that I could actually enjoy was tough. I remember getting to college and walking into the gym thinking, “What do I do now?”. I experimented with the treadmill, the elliptical, weights, and even went for runs. But nothing was as enjoyable as playing soccer or catch (yes, I played high school softball!). Working out became something I forced myself to do, which meant I was not doing it consistently or effectively.

Eight years later, I finally joined ClassPass after inconsistently working out a few weeks at a time for way too long. All my friends were using ClassPass and swore by it. I had no idea what kind of classes I even liked taking, but joining allowed me to try out different classes and figure out what kind of workout was best for me. To my surprise, the class I continued to return to each week was Pilates.

peony floral workout leggingspeony floral workout leggings

Strength & Toning

I can not speak more highly of Pilates, specifically Pilates Reformer classes (on that weird looking machine). It’s the perfect class for toning, challenging your balance, and building strength. Best of all, you can’t help but forget about everything else going on in your life when you’re in class. You’re so focused on each movement and having the right form that your mind gets a nice break from those everyday stresses.

There are many different kinds of Pilates studios, but my personal favorites are Pilates ProWorks and Core40. Pilates ProWorks is great if you’re new to Pilates. They’re incredibly friendly and make you feel encouraged as opposed to intimidated. The classes really focus on form and each move is done more slowly with intention (trust me, you still get a fantastic workout!). Core40 is great if you’re looking for something a bit more challenging and fast paced. You’ll definitely leave class dripping with sweat!

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Cardio is one area I’m still experimenting with. I used to go for runs all the time, but my shin splints would act up. And let’s be honest, running just isn’t fun! I do enjoy taking spin classes and that’s been a great workout for both cardio & strength. But my ideal cardio workout would be outdoors. I’ve thought about joining a soccer league in the city because there’s no better cardio workout than running up and down a field for an hour. But leagues are usually co-ed and there’s something more enjoyable about working out with just girls. So I’m still doing some digging and experimenting to find the right cardio workout for me (if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear!).

Though I’m still figuring out what workout is best for me, it’s been so refreshing to finally look forward to my workout each day rather than dreading it. I’d love to hear if you’ve discovered unique workouts that are fun and enjoyable! Please share!

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