Tips for Renting a House Labor Day Weekend

posted on August 26, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

Tips for Renting a House Labor Day Weekend

Thinking of renting a house with a bunch of friends this Labor Day Weekend? Although the thought of planning such an ordeal can be intimidating, it really isn’t that bad and is totally worth it (and affordable!). You just need to follow these simple tips:

1. Google is your friend

Don’t know what website to look on for rentals? Literally Google “labor day weekend rentals” for your area and tons of options will come up.

2. Keep an open mind

Just because you were set on Tahoe or The Hamptons, doesn’t mean you have to end up there. There are always multiple options near any city on a fun weekend getaway, you just have to do your research and keep an open mind. In the end, all that’s going to matter is the people you’re with.

3. Check the weather

While there might be tons of options for places to spend your weekend, make sure you check the weather before committing so you know what you’re getting yourself into. One place might be perfectly sunny but not where you were planning to go, and that might be the better option.

4. You don’t need a final headcount before booking the place

As long as you’re sure there will be enough people to cover the costs of the place without spending too much, then you really don’t need a final headcount or “confirmed yes” from everyone before booking the place. It can be really stressful waiting for someone’s email response when you need to give the rental guy an answer. I’ve found it always ends up working out once you just get the place knowing enough people are interested.

5. Make everyone PayPal you their share before you go

Set a date and email everyone with what they owe for the weekend (I usually deal with groceries, etc. once the weekend is over). If you make sure everyone sends you money by the Wednesday before or they can’t come, then it will make the weekend less stressful and get everyone organized.

Do you have any advice for renting a house for Labor Day Weekend?

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