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What to Stock Up on During Black Friday

posted on November 24, 2017 | by Amanda Holstein

What to Stock Up on During Black Friday

While you could totally just go nuts on Black Friday and buy everything your heart desires, chances are you’ll regret it. Instead of stocking up on unnecessary things just because of the discount, why not focus on items that won’t have you second-guessing your purchases. While it may be tempting to do a Madewell shopping spree, it’s probably not the smartest way to take advantage of the sales. I suggest focusing on these key categories:

1. Big Ticket Items

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to purchase those big ticket items that rarely go on sale. I’m talking pricier things like TVs, sofas, rugs, coffee tables, mattresses, etc. These aren’t always the most glamorous items, but they are definitely worth saving on. Here are some big ticket items on my list (including the insane Samsung Frame TV that looks like artwork! I need it!!):

2. Gifts

You know you’ll need to buy gifts for holidays at some point, so why not snag them when you can get a discount? While you may not get all of your holiday shopping done, it sure would feel good to check off a few gifts from your list. Look for items like jewelry, candles, watches, etc. Here some gifts I have on my radar:

3. Investment Pieces

Now don’t think for a second that I forgot about you. Black Friday is a great time to snag items you’ll use day-t0-day, like investment pieces for your wardrobe. Think leather jackets, winter coats, classic boots, and other items you wear on the daily where quality matters. Shop my investment pieces right here: