Yes or No: White After Labor Day

posted on September 24, 2012 | by Amanda Holstein

Yes or No: White After Labor Day

I’ll take this one. YES. Definitely YES. What a silly old rule. Whoever spread that rumor among the fashion world is just silly. Of course you can wear white after labor day. Cozy white sweaters with sleek white pants is super chic in the winter time. A white lace dress with booties and a safari-esque jacket is perfect for fall. And, yes, you can even break out your white jeans and pair them with a cute polka dot cable knit, and bam, you’ve made them fall appropriate. Can we all just put a stop to this madness? Say it with me ladies: YES TO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!


(Check out these “oxblood” booties!)

Let’s go shopping:
Style by Marina Jacket (similar)
Equipment Blouse (similar ones here and here)
American Apparel Skirt
Michael Kors Ankle Boots