10 Snow Day Outfits That Will Actually Keep You Warm

posted on January 14, 2016 | by Amanda Holstein

10 Snow Day Outfits That Will Actually Keep You Warm

Although I’d love to brag about the fact that I live in California and no longer have to deal with east coast winters, I’ll try my best not to. I know just how miserable winter can be, especially when you live in a major city and find yourself walking around outside a lot. Any little bit of exposed skin feels like ice and the only way to keep warm is to layer up. But looking stylish and put together in 50 layers of clothing isn’t easy, so I did some Pinterest digging and found some snow day outfits I think you might like. Take a look below and brave the cold in style!

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1. The Sweetest Thing 2. Bows & Sequins 3. Damsel in Dior 4. Free People 5. See Anna Jane 6. Lauren McBride
7. The Daybook 8. Steffy’s Pros and Cons 9. Bows & Sequins 10. Alixrose

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