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3 Friend Date Ideas for the Rest of Summer

posted on September 6, 2018 | by Maddie Broderick

3 Friend Date Ideas for the Rest of Summer

For a self-employed gal like me, it’s important to be intentional about penciling in dates with my girlfriends. Especially as summer wraps up, and everyone’s schedules change! It kind of sounds silly, but sometimes my friends and I will share calendar events. This way, we make sure we actually get together and don’t use our work as an excuse from taking a much-needed break!

This summer, I made an effort to do things that were fun and memorable – and these friend date ideas take the cake! Plus, you can even use them into fall…

Local Fair

I’m a sucker for slides and rides, overpriced photo booths, sparkly carnival lights, and pretty much all of the things that make a fair seem so magical. So recently, I grabbed some girlfriends and we hit up the OC Fair, in Costa Mesa, CA. We honestly came less to ride all of the rides, and more to just get outside and enjoy the experience of the fair. (And all of the people-watching that it ensues.) Of course capturing some fun photos was certainly on the agenda too. Who can blame us? It’s the perfect backdrop for a friend date!

While most summer fairs are coming to an end, there are a ton of fairs that open up for the fall too! Hop on Google and do a quick search for fairs in your area (or hello pumpkin patches!). You’ll wind up with an evening of laughing, roller coaster riding, totally-worth-the-guilt junk food, a whole lot of unexpected exercise, and maybe some cute photo booth strips.

friend date ideas

friend date ideas


Anyone else go on Insta-ventures with friends? You know, where you drive around and pull off at random spots that would make for a cool Instagram post? Sometimes friend dates don’t have to be so structured and “set.” Some of my best memories are the ones I couldn’t have planned, even if we tried!

A few weeks ago, my friend and I decided we wanted to spend the day finding as many V-dubs as we could and snap photos in front of them. We grabbed a little snack for the road, turned on one of my best Spotify playlists, and hit the road! We ending up finding a handful of stellar VW buses, and managed to snag some cute photos with a few of them! Great memories and some awesome content for our Instagrams? Check and check!

friend date ideas

Matcha Bar

Being that I am gluten-free, mostly dairy-free, aaaand don’t drink coffee, it can be a tricky thing to find a place that’s fun to meet up with friends and that checks off all the boxes! Enter, Matcha bars. Yep, they’re a thing. Matcha has lots of healing qualities that makes most matcha a healthy option, plus their little bar settings are perfect for when you don’t necessarily want a full meal or are over happy hour – and let’s be honest, they’re super Instagram friendly. Matcha bars typically have that small cafe vibe – which makes it a perfect spot to catch up with an old friend or to meet a new one! I personally love Matcha Bar, which you can find in LA and NYC!

What’s the best friend date you went on this summer?! Let me know!

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