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Beautify Your Ugly Apartment Kitchen

posted on May 2, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

Beautify Your Ugly Apartment Kitchen

It’s unfortunate just how ugly your kitchen can be when you’re renting an apartment. From puke colored linoleum floors to old wooden cabinets and I-don’t-even-know-what countertops, you never know what you’re going to find when renting. But at our age, you can’t really base which apartment we choose to rent off of the color of the kitchen cabinets. We just don’t have that luxury.

So to make these unwanted kitchens feel brighter and more like home, there are things you can add to distract from the dated tile and awful color scheme. First, choose a color scheme that livens up the space but doesn’t clash with it. Not as easy as it sounds, I know. But here are some options below on what to pair with some common ugly kitchens you might often find in an apartment.

Cool Colors

If the cabinets and tiles in your kitchen are on the cooler side of the color wheel, stick with a color scheme of blues and greens. Keeping with the same tone can make that ugly tile look better, while throwing in a bright orange for example can simply highlight how ugly the kitchen actually is. It’s also smart to throw in some neutrals, especially light neutrals like white and tan, to brighten up the space and keep it looking clean.

Coasters | Towel | Dip-Dyed Serving Utensils
Egg Crate | Bowls | Serving Dish | Cooking Utensils

Warm Colors

If you’re kitchen is unfortunate enough to come with deep reddish brownish tiles like mine (oy vey), again, stick with the warm tones. Choose modern hues and bold prints to distract from the rest of the kitchen. Warm oranges and reds won’t clash with the existing colors but will bring the focus back to the fun items you place around your kitchen. A good rug is also a great way to cover up the tile and set the tone for the rest of the room.

Wooden Slab Cutting Board | Soap Dispenser Set | Rolling Pin
Cooking Utensils | Coaster | Rug | Drying Rack

How do you beautify your kitchen?