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Guilty Pleasures

posted on June 12, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

Guilty Pleasures


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I’ve talked a lot about stress on this blog and how to deal with it. Most of these solutions involve mature actions like seeing a therapist or changing your perspective. One thing I haven’t mentioned, which plays a large roll when I’m experiencing stress, are my guilty pleasures. We all have them and shouldn’t be afraid to hide them. In fact, we really should just drop the “guilty” and call them pleasures. So today, let’s just be brutally honest and share those little things that are guaranteed to make us feel better. Here are mine….

Oreos and Milk

Only the most delicious combination to ever be invented, oreos & milk have been a guilty pleasure of mine since I had teeth. Now that I have a normal metabolism, I’ve cut down my serving size to 4 cookies tops (instead of the 9 I could down when I was 12…oh how I miss those days).

My Lounge Wear: A Superman Onesie

Yes, I love fashion, but that doesn’t mean I prance around my apartment in sequins. My routine when I get home is to immediately swap my presumably stylish outfit for a ridiculously comfortable onesie (with a superman “S” on it). It doesn’t have feet…does that make it any better?

933920_10100306478361727_1228096067_nMe and my BFF!

My Childhood Comforter

It’s not my baby blanket. There’s a difference, people. It’s a clean comforter that used to be on my bed when I was between the ages of about 5-10. It is the most comfortable, thick, puffy blanket and it’s perfect for curling up in on the couch.

Chocolate Milk (with a straw)

If you know me at all, you know I can’t live without my chocolate milk. Add a straw and I’m in heaven.

Reality TV, Particularly I’m Having Their Baby

Oh how I cannot live without my reality TV. Whether it’s getting my model fix from The Face or my Jersey fix with Jersey Couture, I can’t get enough of reality TV. One particular show that’s perfect for those days when you just want to curl up on the couch, perhaps with your childhood blanket and maybe some Oreos, is I’m Having Their Baby. It’s the perfect mix of drama and tears that makes you not only have a good cry when you need it, but also makes you realize how fortunate your life really is. And that’s really why we watch Reality TV, isn’t it?

The Season 2 premiere of I’m Having Their Baby is coming TONIGHT, June 12th at 10pm/9pm central on the Oxygen Network and I cannot wait. If you’ve never seen the show, take a look at this extended trailer below! And if you watch the episode tonight, come back and comment below & let me know what your favorite part of Season 2’s first episode is. You’ll be entered to win a $50.00 giftcard and I’ll announce the winner on Twitter! #ImHavingTheirBaby

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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