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How to Meet Guys if You’re Over the Bars

posted on June 5, 2017 | by Chelsea Becker

How to Meet Guys if You’re Over the Bars

Going out—or worse, feeling like I had to to potentially meet guys—was always a point of stress for me. Not only are bars loud and not always the ideal place to meet new people in general, but it just gets old. I hated the anxiety of feeling like if I didn’t go out every single Friday and Saturday, that I may not someone to settle down with. If you’re feeling similar, or are tired of going out in general, there are definitely other ways to meet amazing guys. Here are a few ideas to consider—no dark, crowded bars involved (and p.s. one worked for me!).


If you don’t have anything planned and are wanting to be outside, head to a park. It’s often a place where people go on their own, so it’s a potential opportunity to spark up a 1:1 connection. If you see a guy hanging solo, ask if he has sunblock or something totally silly—just make conversation. I’m not joking when I say that dogs are an easy way to meet people in an un-awkward way, so borrow your friend’s pup and take them with you.


If you’re looking to meet people and also want to help out, volunteer! Make it something close to your heart—maybe a beach clean-up or feeding the homeless—and you might find someone with similar interests. It’s a sure way to meet a good person, too.

At class

Depending on what you’re interested in learning, sign up for a class that will involve conversation or community. Maybe it’s a foreign language class, which always involves speaking to people, or even a fitness class like rock climbing. You’re doing something for yourself and potentially meeting someone in a casual way.

Sporting events

It might be a stereotype, but games are a fun way to run into guys. Bring a couple friends, sit in the bleachers, and mingle during innings. Worst case, you’ll have fun with your girls!


Online dating simply doesn’t have a bad rep anymore; it’s 100% acceptable to meet love interests online, and I know a ton of couples who went this route. Though Tinder might not seem serious (though I’ve heard it happens!), consider sites like eHarmony and In my opinion, sites that you have to pay for are a smart first option—they show that someone is committed to the process.


Yes, work is a totally acceptable option to meet people (if it’s allowed). I even met my fiance at work! Since you spend so much time there, it’s worth giving everyone a chance and at least getting to know people. Even if you don’t feel comfortable dating someone in the office, it’s a perfect opportunity to find new people through your coworkers. Plan a happy hour with office pals and tell everyone to bring (cute) friends.

Are you over the bar scene?
Any other tips on how to meet guys outside the bar?