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Styling Advice…On Pinterest

posted on November 13, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

Styling Advice…On Pinterest

As an extremely visual person, I’ve found that when I have a question about fashion or home decor, images are really the most helpful resource. Thank goodness for Pinterest. When I need some outfit inspiration or I’m not sure how to style an item I just bought, I always go straight to Pinterest. The only problem is, the search tool on Pinterest can be a bit difficult to navigate. It doesn’t tend to come up with exactly what I’m looking for and scrolling through millions of images can be overwhelming.

So to help with this, I decided to create boards that answer some of our questions. What’s the right way to wear overalls? Just check this board. How about a leather skirt? Answer’s here. Check out a few of my How To boards below! Want a board dedicated to something else? Let me know in your comments below

Pinterest advice boards