Adjusting Your Skincare Routine for Warm Weather

posted on April 10, 2017 | by Chelsea Becker

Adjusting Your Skincare Routine for Warm Weather

I’ve always heard that it’s important to make changes to your skincare routine with different weather, but that always seemed like a waste of time. What I’ve learned is, it’s actually not! I started giving my skincare routine a makeover each season a year or so ago, and I promise I’ve noticed a difference. Plus, it’s nice going through products every few months and cleaning everything out. With summer creeping in, it’s time to gear up your medicine cabinet for sunny days! Here’s how to get your skincare routine ready for hotter temps:

Cleanse and exfoliate

Even without a full face of makeup on, it’s still essential to wash your face nightly. It’s also important to exfoliate—lightly. When you get rid of dead skin via exfoliation, your skin can become more sensitive, but it’s also crucial for avoiding breakouts and clogged pores. I love a gentle product like this.

Fight acne

One major downside of sunny days and time outside is sweat. Sweat can easily build up in pores and lead to excessive oil production, then acne usually follows. And we’ve all been there right? To combat breakouts, find a spot treatment for your face and a gentle treatment for your body. See ya backne!

Use eye masks

Longer, sunny nights lend themselves to later bedtimes and let’s be real, more drinking. Fight the extra puffiness—especially around your eyes—with eye masks. Throw these suckers in your fridge for extra refreshment, and reach for them whenever you’ve had one too many the night before (salty chips or margs) or not enough sleep.

Shower cool

Taking luke warm or even chilly showers is incredibly beneficial for your skin, hair, and overall system, but it’s never appealing to me in the winter. Once spring and summer hit, I can get by without using hot water that strips skin of natural (healthy) oils. Plus, colder showers equal energy and shiny hair!

Correct dark spots

Sun spots become more obvious during warmer months, especially when you have a bit of a tan, so a spot corrector is a great BFF for summer. I’ve been applying the spot corrector at night before moisturizer or under sunscreen during the day so it can do its thing.

Protect your scalp

A side braid is really cute until you come home and realize that you have a bright red scalp that eventually starts peeling. Not fun! Spritz sunblock on your part whenever you’ll be outside—it really helps.

Spritz away

Facial mists are the perfect item for a beach bag or purse—I’m pretty obsessed. Especially products that are made to cool, you can get a lot of benefits (balanced skin, antioxidants, etc.) from a mist and even chill out—literally. Also, since you don’t usually have as much makeup on in the warm months, they are the ideal product for a quick spritz of hydration whenever you need it. Keep an extra bottle in your fridge for a serious refresh!

What changes do you make to your routine once hot temps hit?