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The Best Candles Under $30

posted on May 30, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

The Best Candles Under $30

There’s something about a good candle that just makes you relax. It’s the smallest luxury, but has such a huge impact. When you get home from work and you’ve had a stressful day, seriously – light a candle. The calming smell will take over your apartment and instantly take you to another place. Especially since I started living alone, I’ve gone on a rampage trying to find the best candles, constantly searching for the perfect smell in a well-designed package. The key is finding candles that last and that have a strong enough smell to really linger throughout your home. After much research, I’ve found my favorite scents are usually sweet and fruity or warm and woodsy. I’ve got a few go-to candles that I can always rely on.


Product packaging is so important when it comes to candles, don’t you think? If they’re going to sit front and center in your home while lit, they better look good :). Try bold colors in rustic jars or go simple with classic neutrals.


Check out my top favorite candles below.
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