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10 Holiday Cards For a Year When Everyone Needs Some Snail Mail

posted on November 12, 2020 | by Megan Lierley

10 Holiday Cards For a Year When Everyone Needs Some Snail Mail

Growing up, the holiday season only truly began when holiday cards began to pile up on the kitchen counter (we’re a last-minute tree trimming kind of family). Remember, this was a world without Instagram, and my siblings and I would rip open each envelope, studying how the faces of family friends and cousins had changed over the past year. Some families sent an annual update, some wrote personalized messages, some sent just a standard season greeting, but each trip to the mailbox felt like, well, Christmas morning. So, after a painful and difficult year, I’m advocating that we all make some time for sending some snail mail this holiday season. I gathered 10 adorable cards below, and I’d love to hear which stationery brands or shops I missed in the comments!

  1. Classic car(d). (Seasons Greetings card from Papier)

seasons greetings card

2. Or you can take a comedic approach to the weirdest year most of us have lived through. (Etsy)

funny 2020 card

3. Sometimes, simple is best (and will look the most elegant hanging on their fridge!).

(Artifact Uprising)merry

4. A Hanukkah card with a message. (Greer)

hanukkah card

5. A message for everyone on your list. (The Paper Craft Pantry)

christmas card

6. Speaking of cards that will look pretty on the fridge… (Minted)colorful holiday card

7. I couldn’t resist adding one more card specific to this rollercoaster of a year…(Greenwich Letter Press)

quarantine holiday card

8. Now more than ever ❤️ (Minted)

9. Because there’s nowhere like New York City at Christmastime… (Rifle)

New York City Christmas card

10. And lastly, all we really want for the people we love. (People I’ve Loved)

peace be with you card