10 Spring Outfit Ideas to Look Forward To

posted on February 22, 2016 | by Amanda Holstein

10 Spring Outfit Ideas to Look Forward To

Since fashion always seems to be ahead a season, it’s no wonder so many of us are already dreaming about our spring wardrobes. The mass amounts of emails with new spring lines overflowing my inbox isn’t helping either. So I’ve rounded up a few spring outfit ideas I can’t wait to try this coming season. Similar to last year, 70s silhouettes are in full force. Some trends to note? Bell-sleeve tops are taking over my closet, slowly but surely. High-waisted cropped jeans offer a new silhouette that’s shaking up my denim collection as well. Long-sleeve maxi dresses are high on my list this season (and perfect for SF weather!) along with off-the-shoulder pieces.

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1. A House in the Hills | 2. Cheetah is the New Black | 3. Tessa Barton | 4. Peurbird | 5. Sincerely Jules 6. Devon Rachel | 7. Madewell | 8. Tessa Barton | 9. Devon Rachel | 10. Happily Grey