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5 Things To Get Rid of While Spring Cleaning

posted on March 21, 2019 | by Becky Bush

5 Things To Get Rid of While Spring Cleaning

Ah – the sun is finally shining and I feel like I can awaken from my winter hibernation of Netflix and soup. As the flowers start to bloom and the bees start to buzz, I always get the itch to have a clean, fresh home. I mean, what is an apartment if it wouldn’t look good on Pinterest?!

There’s nothing better than getting rid of clutter. Springtime always makes me want to clean because I want my home to match the freshness that I’m feeling outdoors!

When spring cleaning, I always struggle with what to actually give away! I’m one of those people who always worries with that I will need the things I’m giving away in the future. But if you keep everything you own forever, you’ll have such a cluttered home that you won’t be able to move.

Out of all the wellness hacks I’ve tried in 2019, honestly, having a cleaner home tops the list. Having a cleaner home helps me become less stressed and have more headspace in my apartment. Here are the five things you NEED to get rid of when cleaning this spring season.

5 things to get rid of this spring cleaning season

1. Clothes You Haven’t Worn In 6 Months

Ok, I’ll admit, I heard this rule from the one, the only, Oprah. But I swear it works. If you’re anything like me, Instagram ads are creepily spot on and you absolutely love online shopping. This means while winter is in full swing, your packages are piling up at your building with all of the holiday sales!

If you haven’t worn something in six months (and it’s not a seasonal outfit like shorts!), know that you are probably never going to wear it. Use this as a gage for if you should give things away during your spring cleaning – it’s an amazing trick!

2. Old papers

Do you keep around mail, cards and other paper things for worry that you might need them one day? I have piles of old papers around my house that I literally never refer to – but get too worried to throw away.

These are not things you need to keep – unless it’s something you truly can’t get digitally! Try moving all your bills to digital only and save yourself from having this happen in the future.

3. Unhealthy food from your fridge/freezer

If I even have unhealthy food on my radar in my house, I will eat it all in a heartbeat! Take your spring cleaning as a time to ensure you are only keeping foods in your house that you actually want to eat – and that you can have control over.

I try to avoid buying big quantities of unhealthy foods that I don’t want to find myself eating. This makes shopping at Costco near impossible for chips and cookies – but that’s ok!

4. Plastic silverware and cups

When having people over, I used to always stock up on plastic silverware, paper plates and cups to make sure I wouldn’t have to do dishes. How lazy am I! We don’t need to be fueling our environment problem by eating off not washable materials. Plus, all my plastic created so much clutter!

I recently vowed to not buying any more plastic and my drawers in my kitchen have totally freed up.

5. Random bathroom things

Even if I’ll never use it, I have so much trouble not giving up a good sample. I cloud my bathroom with so many samples and creams that my drawers get completely full. In stories, try and avoid this. And apply the same rule that you had with clothes here, if you haven’t used a cream or a lipstick in 6+ months, you can throw it away!

This applies to cleaning supplies, makeup and store samples. Your bathroom will be so much more organized if you only have the things that you actually use.

What do you like to give away in spring cleaning? Comment below!