How to Incorporate Black into Your Wardrobe

posted on October 9, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Incorporate Black into Your Wardrobe

fall outfit2

I’ve never really been one to wear much black. Yes, it’s a classic color that works with everything, but I’ve always found it a bit boring. Until now. Maybe it’s being in New York surrounded by so many chic fashion girls, or maybe it’s that I’m becoming more mature…nah it’s definitely the former…either way, my closet has recently become filled with items in this chic shade. I realized how to make black fit my style. Faded, ripped black skinnies or textured leather pieces all seem to fit the bill.

I’ve been pairing my recent purchases with more bohemian pieces to keep the look my style. While black can often be too dressy or polished for me, I’ve found that mixing in casual, sporty pieces add the perfect balance. These ripped black skinnies from Madewell have been on rotation over the past few weeks…meaning I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day. They’re so versatile, so comfortable, and I love the frayed seaming at the bottom. Plus, they are that perfect mid-rise fit that I just love. Check out more of this classic fall look below.

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