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Finding Your Inner Strength in Stressful Times 

posted on July 14, 2020 | by Rebecca Brown

Finding Your Inner Strength in Stressful Times 

Life throws stressful situations at us on a daily basis, whether they’re related to relationships, finances, or health. Most people respond to this by surviving on adrenaline and simply pushing through. However, this approach only leads to burnout, exhaustion, and even more stress. 

There is another way—dipping into your inner strength and using it to deal with the rough circumstances. Unfortunately, tapping into this light source can be extremely hard when you’re facing challenges and setbacks.

Here are a couple of strategies that will help you find your inner strength when you’re dealing with stress, overthinking, negative emotions, and hectic schedules.

Let Go of Self-Victimizing Thoughts

The victim syndrome can take a serious toll on your mental health.

Healthy or weak, old or young, rich or poor, we all have our challenges. Some of these are easy to overcome, but some aren’t. One thing that will undoubtedly limit your ability to make things better is giving way to a “blame” thought process.

Remember that waiting for the person who broke you to fix you won’t do you any good. Not only will you waste valuable time, but also hurt yourself even more in the long run. Nobody but yourself controls the direction your life will take.

Live Healthily 

To have a healthy mind, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. This translates to eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and spending time outdoors.  

All forms of exercise, including something as simple as walking, have been shown to be beneficial to mental health. Being outdoors and enjoying nature is just as important. It’s something that helps people enter into a positive frame of mind, making it easier to find inner strength and peace. 

Eating healthy food is another prerequisite for good physical and mental health. When you’re not eating well, you’re not feeling good, and this can make it a lot harder to calm yourself in stressful situations. 

Change Your Attitude Toward Stress 

All people see stress as something extremely negative. It makes us feel terrible, scared, and we want to avoid it at all costs. 

However, it’s the person’s attitude toward stress that has a negative impact on their mindset and health. When you see anxiety as something horrible, you’re bound to have a harder time dealing with it. 

Shifting your viewpoint can be of great help here. Try to perceive stress as a challenge and reframe it as a learning opportunity. Instead of allowing negative thoughts to sabotage you and make you feel powerless, look at stress as a chance to reaffirm your inner strength. 

Practice Self-Compassion 

Most of us encourage our friends to take care of themselves when they’re having a rough time. We help them by acting as a listening ear, or we offer to cook a meal or run errands. 

However, plenty of people don’t extend the same courtesy when it comes to caring for themselves. Practicing self-compassion, nourishing yourself, and being mindful are all important things to do when you’re having a difficult time. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding painful situations by falling into soft addictions. While we can’t visit the spa whenever we’re having trouble at the office, we can certainly take a quiet break, which we’ll use to reconnect, refresh, and regroup. 

Remember You’re Not Alone

For some of us, stress is too overwhelming and we can’t deal with it by ourselves. We’re unable to find our inner strength and cultivate a calm state of mind on our own. 

By surrounding yourself with happy, upbeat friends, you’ll have a circle of people creating a positive force that will push you to find your inner strength. Leaning on these “trusted few” and asking them for understanding and encouragement can make all the difference. 

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for professional help if you feel like you need it. Consider trying something like Buddhist psychotherapy, for example. Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of guidance to find the power within ourselves – the power we need to build resilience and inner peace. 

Express Your Emotions 

During stressful times, many people feel the pressure to hide their emotions. You keep a stiff upper lip, put on a brave face, and just push through it in any way you can. 

Take a cue from young children. Whenever they’re feeling disappointed, frustrated, or sad, kids sob, cry, and rage. Once the tantrum is over, the kids move on, without dwelling on the past or feeling regret, despair, or sadness. 

No emotions are wrong or bad. When you experience tragic, painful moments, it’s completely natural to feel bad and to express your emotions. Repressing them can only exacerbate your stress and prevent you from finding your inner strength. 

When dark clouds are on the horizon, finding the inner strength to deal with them can be challenging. Give the tactics mentioned above a try—you’ll be surprised by how they can and will work in your favor.