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My Attempt at the Breakfast Burger

posted on September 24, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

My Attempt at the Breakfast Burger

Last week I told you how I’ll be following along with the Ford Fiesta Movement attempting my own challenges each month (see some videos from the movement here). This month I chose to try something I’ve never done on the blog before…make a recipe! After asking for your opinion last week, the Breakfast Burger with Maple Aioli was the clear winner. I’m sure you’re wondering how my adventure went. So here it goes…

First, I realized I didn’t own some of the necessary kitchen tools, like a whisk, cutting board, or large bowls. Embarrassing? Yes. Want to know what’s even more embarrassing? A friend pointed out days later that I did own a whisk. I just never used it. Anyways, moving on…

Once I got all my tools together, I was really on a roll. My burgers were cookin’, I figured out how to make a sunny-side-up egg, and my bacon was looking good.


Then, the smoke alarm went off…three times…and the dog got out because I left the door open to air out the apartment…and he barked at someone in the building…things got messy. Once every window in my place was open (except for the one in the kitchen because I could not get it to budge, of course), things settled down. Miraculously, I didn’t burn anything (too badly) after that fiasco. Oh how I wish I caught that on film.


Break for bacon.


Now on to the aioli. I felt pretty fancy putting this together and if it wasn’t going to turn out well, at least I had pretty bowls and measuring cups from Anthropologie to make it worth it. Pretty right??

maple_aioli maple_aioli1

I was starting to get pretty cocky. I mean, look at that photo. But then this happened…



I learned my lesson after that. I just had to remind myself that I had no idea what I was doing. I put on a smile and kept going.


Once I finished the aioli, it was time to put the pieces together. Although, after the cleanup and remaking the aioli, each component was kind of cold…welp…

breakfast_burger6 breakfast_burger7 breakfast_burger8

But guess what…it was SO GOOD!


Aren’t you proud?? Stay tuned next month for a new challenge…

//This post is brought to you by Ford Fiesta. All opinions are my own.