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3 Self-Discovery Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Feeling Stuck In Life

posted on February 26, 2019 | by Becky Bush

3 Self-Discovery Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Feeling Stuck In Life

Have you ever felt stuck in your twenties? Maybe you’re sitting at your 9-5 every day counting down the minutes to happy hour. Or you aren’t passionate about your job, staring at social media wishing you could be doing anything else.

I’ve definitely had this feeling. Not only do the constant images of my peer’s highlight reels make me feel like my mundane moments are the only ones, but I have this morphed image that work shouldn’t feel like “work”. So the hard moments feel isolated in a sea of smiles and likes.

I will say, regardless of what you do in your 9-5, feeling confused is normal in your twenties. You have likely never done something for eight hours a day (school in college wasn’t even this long!). It’s also hard to predict what a job will be like until you actually do it!

Figuring out what your next move should be, or even what you like to do can be challenging. Remember that there are SO many jobs out there and you will find one you love. You just need to dig deep (maybe a little journaling?!) and embark on a self-discovery journey. Have you ever thought about who negotiates product placements in movies? Or who critiques restaurants?! There is a job for everyone.

If you are feeling stuck – ask yourself these three questions.

What gives me energy?

When you’ve had the hardest of days, what do you crave doing? Being around people? Being alone? Reading? Writing? Think about what gives you energy when you need it the most.
For me, I get energy from my friends. I absolutely love being social and can feel any problem slide away with a good laugh from girls.

That being said, not everyone gets their energy from being social. It’s important to understand what fills you up. Knowing that because work is well, work, at times it will be stressful.

What do I get lost in doing?

Is there anything that you do, for work or not, that time literally flies by? You get so lost in doing it, you don’t check your phone or watch TV. Think about what that is. For me, it’s writing (that’s why I’m here!). I can write for hours and not even know the amount of time that goes by. There’s something about telling a story that does it for me.

Because I love being social AND writing, I had to find a way to balance my days so I could do both.

Try and discover what this is for you. Think about the qualities of this activity. Is it active? Outdoors? Indoors?

If you don’t have something, try a few new things to see if you can get “lost” in anything. If so, write down a few qualities of what this is so you can find some jobs and activities like it.

How can I get to know more about these types of jobs?

You will never know what you want to do, or even what’s out there, without networking. It’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Once you’ve answered these first two questions, reach out to a few people (even if you don’t know them!).

Ask them to chat. Ask them about their day to day. Is this something you could see yourself doing day in and day out?

If so, start to read job descriptions. Find out the qualifications needed to make what you love your career. I promise it’s right around the corner.

Getting “unstuck” is not an easy task – especially in your twenties. Don’t forget to give yourself some self-love along the way, your twenties are confusing by nature. There’s so much to figure out that it can only help to start to discover what you love to do.

What did you discover from these questions? Comment below!